Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Questions for your photographer

1. Do you shoot both posed and candid photos?
2. Do you shoot both color and black and white?
3. Can I see samples of proof books and finished albums?
4. How many hours will you be spending at the wedding? Will you personally be there?
5. What time can we do posed family and bridal party shots? How long will these take?
6. Will the photographs be printed by hand or machine?
7. Is retouching included?
8. Is there a package deal you can offer us?
9. Is there a package deal you can offer us?
10. Are proofs and negatives ours to keep, or do you retain them?
11. Will you be bringing an assistant? Is there an extra charge ?
12. Will you be bringing backup equipment?
13. Will you need to scout the ceremony and reception locations ahead of time?
14. Will you put everything in writing?
15. How long will it take to get our album or finished prints after the wedding day?

Even if you love a photographer's work, if you don't click with him personally, you should think twice about hiring. They will be by your side all day, literally, so that will put a strain on both of you. Carefully read over any contracts your received, BEFORE you commit! Make sure he is aware of the location area, check for lighting, number of attendants in your party and backgrounds before the actual wedding day.

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