Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Guest Etiquette

It is wedding season, and you do not want to be "that" guest!
Here are some tips on what NOT to do as a guest to a wedding!  

* #1 Most important rule as a wedding guest... Don’t drink too much! You don't want make a fool of yourself, or do anything to embarrass the bride and groom. You are there to celebrate the bride and groom, it is not a party for you to get as drunk as possible.

* Don't dip your finger in either wedding cake, or let your children! They spent a lot of money on their cakes, and no one wants to eat a cake your dirty fingers have been in, and no one wants to see finger holes.

* Don't wear an ostentatious, loud, provocatively, or over the top dress as a guest. Make sure that you dress for the occasion, if it doesn't state it on the invitation, ask the couple. It is always better to overdressed than under dressed. 

* Don’t be late, that's rude. If you are running late, stand in the back until the ceremony begins, and after the bride has walked down the aisle.Walk quietly to the last seat in the back, and sit down. That is not the time to be searching for your friends, you can last thirty minutes without them. If the invitation says 5, be there at 4:30pm.

* Send a wedding gift before hand, bring it to a shower, or send it after. The bride and groom don't want to have to worry about finding someone to take it with them.

* If you can't make it to the wedding, send a gift still, or at least a card.
* Don’t bring a guest, unless your invitation allowed you to invite someone. If you plan on bringing a guest make sure you write that on the RSVP. If it's a last minute decision, call the bride or groom and get their approval.
* Pay attention to the invitation details, if they suggest not bringing children, or address it to the mother and father, not to "The Davis Family" that usually is a polite way of saying they don't allow children.
* Don't wear white or ivory
* If there are assigned tables, SIT AT THAT TABLE! The bride and groom took the time to plan out the seating for a reason, please respect their wishes. 

* Don't forget to RSVP to the bride and groom on time. There is a reason they do this, and a lot of money is spent on each guest. You don't want them spending extra money for no reason. (It can cost $70-100+ each guest for food and alcohol alone)
* If the wedding is a buffet style, get small plates of food, don't pile your food high.
* Don't talk or laugh during the ceremony. It can wait.
* Don't bring any drama, or start any drama and bring the vibe of the special day down. You don't want to be the one to bring down someone down on the happiest day of their life.
*  Don't show up for just the reception!
* Don't stand or have your phone out during the ceremony. Especially don't be taking pictures, that is why they hired a professional photographer. Save all your picture taking for the reception.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Essentials for Getting Ready on THE DAY OF your wedding

The morning of the wedding your mind will be racing, and you will be full of excitement and nerves. The more prepared you are, and the more duties that have been given out, the better. By taking these steps to prepare, your day will be a lot more relaxing, and run a lot smoother.
1. You will wake up excited, and so ready to begin your day. But relax, take a deep breath, take your time, and enjoy the entire day. Don't rush anything! It's not everyday you get married! However, prepare yourself to be getting up early, so don't stay up all night drinking. Go to bed early the night before the wedding, sleep is needed, you have a long day ahead of you! Have an organized plan ready for morning when you wake up. This will keep you from being stressed out right off the bat.
2. Do your normal work out routine. Don’t start one today if you haven’t been working out, though.  This isn’t the time for changes in your physical routine.
3. Eat small meals every few hours, and nothing heavy or fried, or anything with garlic in it.  You don’t want to over-eat, but it's important that you DO eat. The last thing you want is to feel bloated. With the adrenaline of the big day, many brides forget to eat. It will be a long day, and more than likely you won't eat at your wedding, until afterwards. The last thing you want to do is faint at the altar. 
4. If you are a coffee drinker, limit yourself to 1 or 2 cups. You'll get your caffeine fix from this but you won’t get extra jitters.
5. Have an emergency kit prepared, or make sure your wedding planner has one with her.  The number one emergency item that needs to be packed is a small sewing kit. You NEVER know if your zipper might give out, and you will have to be sewed into your dress for the worst case scenario.  Ask the bridesmaid to pack extra shoes, super glue (for heel breaks), handy-wipes, lip gloss, antacid, breath mints, extra make-up, hairspray, and water. Be sure someone (wedding planner)has a complete list of wedding vendors and their phone numbers are available on hand... just in case.
6. Get ready with your bridesmaids.  This can help you relax, but will also ensure that THEY make it to the wedding one time.
7. Bring something that will help you relax, and that you can enjoy to sit around and laugh.
8. Have plenty of tissues, and makeup on hand from a full day of tears and laughter.
9. Before you put the wedding dress on make sure you visit the ladies’ room. Especially if you have a lace up dress, or have to button a lot of buttons. It’s a much longer process after the dress is on and you don't want to risk getting your dress dirty before the wedding.
10. Have someone you trust take care of these issues so you don’t have to worry about them.  If you hired a wedding planner, then you won't have any worries they will take care of everything. If not, go ahead and arrange this role with someone.

11. Pack your bags for the honeymoon, confirm hotel reservations and airline reservations, having your license and documentation in order, and preparing payment/tip envelopes for your wedding vendors are tasks that can be completed in the days prior to your wedding.

12. Don't eat in your dress, simple as that. You don't want to risk getting anything or any stains on your dress. If you are drinking anything, drink something clear!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Head pieces

Bridal headpieces are making a comeback, bridal designers are taking looks from past eras and incorporating them into fresh new designs. If a hat or an elaborate large headpiece is a little too much for you, then opt for a smaller feather headpiece or a cage veil. There are more cage veils styles to choose from these days, especially at Houston Bridal Gallery. Some designers have come up with interesting ways to gather and create volume in veiling. If you’re not the traditional veil type; do not worry, we have plenty of options that might suit you! Here are a couple of smaller head pieces that we carry in our store.
Belaire 1028
Belaire 1027
Belaire 1026
Belaire 1025
Belaire 1024

Belaire 1023
Belaire 909
Belaire 904
Belaire 899
Belaire 896
Belaire 887
Belaire 884
Belaire 881
Belaire 878
Belaire 865
 Belaire 872
Belaire 870

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pronovias Fashion Show

Two of our Houston Bridal Gallery ladies, Vicki and Spencer, were in Barcelona this past weekend for the Pronovias 2014 Convention! They had the privilege to hand pick the dresses we will begin to carry in mid June! It was such a busy weekend the girls didn't have much time to relax, sleep, or even take any tours. But still had such a great experience, and met some great people.

Sagrada Familia Church- Started building in 1882.

Barcelona - May 5, 2013 — at Hesperia Presidente.
Here's the yummy dessert from their Welcome Dinner at the Palau Reial de Pedralbes!

Monday, April 29, 2013

How to handle a wedding diaster

Sometimes brides will have a "problem" that they are faced with on the day of their wedding, we are here to help you be prepared to handle any problems that come your way.

Example 1: If your officiant does not show up
This can be a huge factor on the day of the wedding if this issue were to occur. Always have a backup plan! Most wedding planners today will have their officiant license, which is always an important question to ask them before you hire them. They can always be the one to step in at the last minute if this becomes a problem, which is another reason why it is important to hire a wedding planner. Know someone in the wedding/invited to the wedding that is a licensed officiant.

Example 2: If the exit car does not arrive
If for some reason there was a communication error between someone, and your transportation company, have a backup plan. Put someone in charge of making sure someone is watching out for the exit car, and knows exactly what to do in any situation. Make sure that person in charge has the transportation companies contact information. Have a families car ready for the exit if your transportation has not arrived AT LEAST 30 minutes before the end of the wedding.

Example 3: You run out of ice or alcohol
Depending on how much time you have left of the reception, this can be a crucial thing for keeping guest there sometimes. If you have a caterer, make sure when booking them you ask what they will do in that situation, or if they have extra stored just in case. If you don't have a caterer who supplies the alcohol, or you are having a smaller wedding, have a backup plan ready. Have money set aside for one person to leave to purchase more if needed. Specs liquor stores can help you figure out exactly how much you might need, and will always let you return what you didn't use.

Example 4: Divorced parents don't get along
This can sometimes be a sticky situation, put can be easily handled with a wedding planner, or things are put to plan ahead of time. Have them seated on opposite sides of the row, or if they REALLY don't get along, you can even place one on the brides side, and one parent on the grooms. Also, you can put one in front of the other row, but sometimes that can cause a controversy having to be one row back. But hopefully they will be appropriate, and stay positive with no drama to make your day perfect in every way.

Example 5: A bridesmaid bouquet is missing and the florist already left
Florist can be very busy on the day of the weddings delivery to weddings all around. Make sure to call them as soon as someone realizes one is missing, and see if they can quickly make on to bring. This is why it is important someone is there to check all of your flowers in to make sure nothing is missing. If worse comes to worse, carefully take apart a couple of larger bouquets, and use a couple of their flowers to make an additional one.

Example 6: If a child is throwing a tantrum during the ceremony
If you plan on having a flower girl or ring bearer, make sure to practice with them before hand. If they are in a bad mood waking up that morning, I would take them out completely so you won't be upset or surprised by any crying/screaming. If there is a child that is not a part of your ceremony throwing a tantrum, your wedding planner/parent can politely ask them to go outside. It always helps to have the child’s mother stand discreetly at the end of the aisle, preferably with candy, and tell him or her all he has to do is walk straight to her.

Example 7: Your wedding dress zipper breaks
Have a sewing kit in your emergency kit for the day of! Find people, even guest who know how to sew, and literally sew her into the dress.

Example 8: A guest is too drunk and making a scene
If they are really bothering people around them, or you and your groom, have someone remove them casually. You don't want a scene, so ask their friend to take them home politely.

Example 9: If it rains
If you are having an outdoor ceremony/reception then you need to have a back-up plan ahead of time to avoid any dilemma's. If your reception site does not have any covered area, go ahead and reserve large tents ahead of time, just in case.

Example 10: The best man forgot the ring
The best way to do this is have the groom hold on to the rings until right before the ceremony. But if they are accidentally left, use one of your parents rings, and no one will ever know the difference.

Example 11: Your DJ doesn't show up
This is why it is important to always confirm with vendors a week before hand. If for some reason he does not show up, plug someones ipod/computer into some speakers, and let the dancing begin. No one will care, don't make a big deal about it, have fun!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to budget for your Honeymoon

1. Set up a honeymoon registry. Many non-traditional couples today have moved in together before they have gotten married. They have set-up their "house" and have most everything they need once they combined their things. Once couples go from living independently they might have the challenge of merging two households into one. The challenge is deciding what to do with two sets of everything, especially for their kitchen. In this situation the usefulness of a traditional wedding registry is limited. As an alternative or a supplement to a traditional wedding registry, many couples are using a honeymoon registry. Guests can contribute money or activities towards the honeymoon activities that will help save on the couples cost.

2. Check out a bed in breakfast/All Inclusive resort. Once you arrive all of your meals, and non motorized sports will be included. You can order as much food as you want, at any time of the day. You have everything catered to you, and don't have to worry about opening your wallet once you arrive. If you use a travel agent, she can set up a package with flights, and free transportation to and from the hotel . If you are staying in the states, go with a bed in breakfast, for a quiet atmosphere, that is cheaper than a regular hotel. Breakfast will be included, and most can offer a "special suite" for honeymooners.

3. Look at condos and villas. If both or one of you likes to cook, a condo or villa can be a great way to save on your honeymoon. With a fully equipped kitchen, you’ll be able to prepare many of your own meals. You can go to the local grocery store, and get everything you need for the week. You can then enjoy each other without anyone around. You will save a ton of money staying in, not eating out every night, which will leave money to splurge on a couple meals. 

4. Shop for deals online. There are all sorts of great places to get deals online. Conduct an Internet search for food or lodging discounts in the city you will be honeymooning. For example, websites like, groupon, etc. can provide you with dining discounts, and can provide lodging discounts. Most websites now offer flight+hotel+car rental deals, don't wait. You might pay more before hand, but you will save more when you arrive in the end.

8. Plan well ahead of time. Booking air travel and lodging 6 to 9 months before your honeymoon will save you money. Flights will go up the longer you wait, the earlier you book, the more you save. 

9. Pick your priorities. If you know you won't be spending much time in the room, and you are the type of couple who prefers more activities throughout the week, spend less on the hotel. If you are a couple who loves to eat at expensive restaurants, but doesn't like activities, cut the cost that way. Pick what is most important to you, and budget for each thing.

10. Travel during an off season. Pick a time of year when people aren't traveling as much, and cost for things will go down. Even by flying on a different day of the week can lower the cost on flights.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Matthew Christopher Event

We had such a great time with each of our brides, and Matthew! Even if the weather was horrible, and delayed the arrival of Matthew getting here from New York. We had an awesome time getting all fixed up by Truc, with The Primp Bar, and enjoyed everyones company. Thanks to all of our vendors, and brides who came out in the horrible weather to hangout with us for the night! We had some brides purchase some stunning Matthew Christopher gowns that we can't wait until they arrive! What a wonderful experience for those brides having their dresses customized by the designer making it one of a kind!
 We also had some of our previous brides come join the cocktail party, and purchased their beautiful bridal Haute Bride jewelry. When the traveling photobooth arrived, people couldn't get out of it. Our brides really had fun with it... and so did our sales consultants! We enjoyed wonderful food by Rajun Cajun, and delicious white wines from Memorial Wine Cellar. We had photographer, Julian Bajsel, from Modern Luxury Magazine come by, and we can't wait to see his pictures! Such a wonderful weekend!