Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Head pieces

Bridal headpieces are making a comeback, bridal designers are taking looks from past eras and incorporating them into fresh new designs. If a hat or an elaborate large headpiece is a little too much for you, then opt for a smaller feather headpiece or a cage veil. There are more cage veils styles to choose from these days, especially at Houston Bridal Gallery. Some designers have come up with interesting ways to gather and create volume in veiling. If you’re not the traditional veil type; do not worry, we have plenty of options that might suit you! Here are a couple of smaller head pieces that we carry in our store.
Belaire 1028
Belaire 1027
Belaire 1026
Belaire 1025
Belaire 1024

Belaire 1023
Belaire 909
Belaire 904
Belaire 899
Belaire 896
Belaire 887
Belaire 884
Belaire 881
Belaire 878
Belaire 865
 Belaire 872
Belaire 870

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