Monday, February 25, 2013

Get the Oscar look for your wedding day!

Copy Amy Adams style with a romantic feather ball gown that is flirty and elegant. Get the same look with the Pronovias Benicarlo

Sleek and chic are the words to describe this modern gown. A statuesque dress that highlights the waist is ultra slimming. Get the same Christian Dior look with the Nicole Miller Bridal FA0039 or even the Matthew Christopher Lalique

Get the Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen look with Nicole Miller LQ 0001 with that perfect amount of detail work along the waistline of the dress.

Look like a movie star Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji with a graceful off-the-shoulder gown and chiffon skirt for ultimate elegance. Get a similar look by Wtoo Brides Brie 19595 or even the Justin Alexander 8610

A fitted sweetheart neckline on an embellished gown is sexy and sweet, and shows off your figure. Get Kristin Stewart same look by Matthew Christopher Sophia dress.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bridal Emergency Kit

Despite everything going to plan on your wedding day, sometimes there might be small potential problem that may arise, and as much as we love our brides, we want to help you be as prepared as possible. If you have hired as day of wedding coordinator, they SHOULD already have their own bridal emergency kit prepared, and bring it with them.
Organization is key for the day of wedding to run smoothly, it is best if you prep everything in containers before your wedding, and have your bags packed and ready to go. The last thing you want to be doing is running around like a crazy person on the day of looking for things.  
Here are a couple of organization tips:
1. Have all personal things used for decoration set up all in one container box with a lid, ready to go. If you want it set up a specific way, set it up at home, take a picture, and tape it to the outside of the box. That way, on the day of you won't have people bothering you with silly questions!
2. Put together an emergency kit! You can get everything at the dollar store, so you aren't spending a fortune. You will be shocked how much stuff you actually use of it!
 bobby pins
 safety pins
nail polish remover
cotton balls
SEWING KIT (this one is HUGE! I have literally sewed girls into a dress twenty minutes before their wedding)
black socks (for groomsman)
shout spray
lint roller
fashion tape
small scissors
Pinned Image
3. Have your groom, and groomsman organized as well! We all know that men don't always listen when we tell them a game plan, and what they need. So my advice, type out a list and a detailed iternary for where to be when on the actual wedding day. Sometimes not being able to see eachother, it can make it challenging. Even sending out an email to the entire bridal party reminding them what to wear, bring, etc. will help!

4. Before the day of, make sure you have discussed final payments that will be due on the day of for any vendors, and have them ready to hand out, or assign a head person that can be in charge of it. You don't want to writing a check in the middle of dancing and having a good time with your friends! Have everything written out, in envelopes, ready to go!  
We hope this helps makes your feel a little better, and ease your mind for your wedding day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Have you insured your engagement ring?

Putting a policy on your engagement ring may sound unromantic, but nothing's sweeter than peace of mind, IF something were to happen to either of your rings! It's a small expense to pay, just in case something happens, you can never predict the future. Even something like the diamond falling out!  The knot featured a section on how to go about insuring your wedding rings, and it is definately a good read for newly engaged couples!
 For more information on The Knot:  Engagement Ring Insurance 101
 If you aren't interested in going through your own insurance company, or adding on a "renters" insurance to do so, there is a great online company that does strictly jewelry insurance! You can get an quick quote online for all the jewelry you plan to insure, and instantly sign up, AS LONG AS you can attach a scanned copy of your appraisal.

Click here for more information on: Perfect Circle Insurance

Monday, February 18, 2013

Trunk Shows

Brides searching for the perfect no more! Book your appointment today for one of our upcoming amazing trunk shows!
Go ahead and pin your favorite dresses!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Dress Arrivals!!!


We have two new Nicole Miller wedding dress additions to our store, and we are obsessing over them! Pictures do not do them justice!  They are absolutely stunning in person, and would be terrific for any type of wedding! Come in today, and try them on!
Style: OK0003
 Style : MK0004

Questions for Florist

1. How long has the florist been doing wedding arrangements?
 2. Does the florist have a signature style?
     3. Does the florist have photographs or a portfolio?
     4. Has the florist ever worked with my ceremony and reception locations?
     5. How does the florist set their fees?
     6. What can the florist do with your budget?
     7. What is the cost per piece? (Like: Bridal bouquet, bridesmaids' bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, swags, potted plants, etc)
                  8. Does the florist provide any extras items? (Like: candles, candleholders, the aisle runner and other related embellishments) 
        9. What is the best timeline for making my flower arrangements?
     10. Can you see samples of the florists work before your wedding date?
                    11. Does the florist charge a delivery fee?
     12. When do you pick up rentals such as stands, vases, etc.?
                    13. Does the florist provide instructions on preserving the bridal bouquet?
                    14. Does the florist provide a tossing bouquet? Is there an extra charge for this?
15. What tips can the florist offer to help you save money?
                    16. Does the florist require a deposit?
                    17. When will you need to provide final numbers on attendants, reception tables, etc?
                    18. How many weddings does the florist have booked on the same weekend as yours?
                    19. Will the florist set up the centerpieces and other floral d├Ęcor? Is there an extra charge for this? If you are going for a very elaborate floral theme, it's a good idea to hire a florist that provides this service, and has enough staff to handle it?
20. What ideas can the florist offer to make your wedding flowers unique?
21. Will you florist be returning to the venue to pick up, and tear down after the wedding?
22. Do you own coolers to store the flowers in to keep them fresh?
23. Will you decorate the cake with flowers?
24. When do you arrive for setup?
25. Do you have people assist you for events?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Questions for your photographer

1. Do you shoot both posed and candid photos?
2. Do you shoot both color and black and white?
3. Can I see samples of proof books and finished albums?
4. How many hours will you be spending at the wedding? Will you personally be there?
5. What time can we do posed family and bridal party shots? How long will these take?
6. Will the photographs be printed by hand or machine?
7. Is retouching included?
8. Is there a package deal you can offer us?
9. Is there a package deal you can offer us?
10. Are proofs and negatives ours to keep, or do you retain them?
11. Will you be bringing an assistant? Is there an extra charge ?
12. Will you be bringing backup equipment?
13. Will you need to scout the ceremony and reception locations ahead of time?
14. Will you put everything in writing?
15. How long will it take to get our album or finished prints after the wedding day?

Even if you love a photographer's work, if you don't click with him personally, you should think twice about hiring. They will be by your side all day, literally, so that will put a strain on both of you. Carefully read over any contracts your received, BEFORE you commit! Make sure he is aware of the location area, check for lighting, number of attendants in your party and backgrounds before the actual wedding day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Let's celebrate this romantic month with the fabulous shades of blush and ivory gown with floral accents by Essense of Australia!

Choosing your Reception Site

On the hunt for the perfect place to say "I do?" When selecting a venue spot, it can sometimes be very tricky, and you want to make sure as the bride, you cover all questions before committing. You want to make sure that in the end, you made the right decision, and everything runs smoothly. The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting a site.
As you and your fiance begin to consider certain sites, keep the following questions in mind, and don't waste your time looking at places that won't work for you both. The venue, food, and alcohol is a major investment, and will most likely be the most costly expense for your wedding, so you should be happy with what you choose.
If you have your ceremony in a church:
  • ask if photography is allowed
  • ask if decoration (flowers, etc) is allowed
  • is there a deposit required? or donation to the church?
  • ask for a list of "rules" that have to be followed on the day of
  • is marriage counseling required through the church?
Venue questions/things to consider:
  • How much does the venue cost to rent? No more than 50% of your budget should go to the venue.
  • What is included in the venue package? (Food, alcohol, tables, chairs, linens, staff, etc.)
  • Does the decor of the venue suit your wedding style? If not, consider the extra expenses that it will take to get the look you are going for.
  • Is the room large enough to hold your guest?
  • Is there a dance floor? Can it hold a large amount of guest?
  • Is there room for a band/DJ?
  • Is there adequate parking for your guest?
  • Is their adequate air conditioning/heating?
  • Are there adequate restrooms?
  • Can the site be used for the ceremony as well? If so, who will flip the room?
  • Will there be another wedding at the same time on the premises? Is our privacy ensured?
  • Are there rooms for my wedding party to get dressed in?   
  • What time does your wedding have to end by? If you like to party, most venues have some kind of curfew. As well as the vendors have to come back to clean up after the room is cleared out.
  • Are there any additional cost you can expect? If you are adding things like large tents, they can definately be an extra expense in the budget!
  • If you have an outdoor wedding/cocktail hour, what is the plan B if the weather gets bad?
Things to remember:
  • NEVER pay for the entire reception up front. Usually, there should be a required deposit (40-50% ). Once you have a finalized RSVP list, and head count, then you can pay the remainder of your balance before the wedding.
  • Examine ALL the details of your contract before signing, and make a copy of the list of everything required, and extra expenses.
Don't be scared to ask your site manager questions at any point of the planning process, they should be there for you at any point during the process.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wedding Shower Gift ideas

I know all of us are always looking for the next creative gift ideas to pop into our heads, especially when it comes to giving it to our favorite brides in the time of the shower. Appearance is everything, that is the first thing the bride and her guest see! So don't slack on the wrapping either, think of the next fun way to wrap your gift. This is such an exciting time for a bride, show your support and be excited with her!
Pinned Image

1. Something personalized with their new itinials is always fun! Even if its the towels they registered for! Jazz it up, get their initials on them.
Pinned ImagePinned ImageWe got these as a wedding shower gift. So cute!
2. Be creative and make something or put something cute together! It's always great to show off your hardwork, and that you took the time to put it together. Kitchen and bar items are always a great go to that the bride and groom have registered for, they can be easily packaged real well.
Easy Wedding GiftWedding shower gift
3. Something His and Hers
Pinned Imagecute wedding gift #gift
4. Do something personal, that will mean something to them. Order something that will remind them of the time they met! Even something like a map cutout of the state they met in, framed is such a personal touch.
Pinned ImagePinned Image
5. Give something they can always use, or use for the future, and have something to look forward to! Wine for the Wedding is something really cool, that comes in a box that they can open on their anniversary.
Pinned ImageGreat wedding shower gift!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines Day Raffle

Don't Miss out on our Valentines Day raffle!
Book your appointment between February 11-16, purchase something in our store, and you will be entered into our raffle!
You will be entering a chance to win:
Pampered to perfection at Hotel Zazas ZaSpa for a couple’s massage and a free dinner for two at Monarch, Hotel Zazas amazing Bistro
A free 1 hour training  bride to be fitness session with Chris Chavez, fitness professional


$50 gift card for dessert wedding favors from Chocolate Pizazz


a gift from Houston Bridal Gallery