Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Choosing your Reception Site

On the hunt for the perfect place to say "I do?" When selecting a venue spot, it can sometimes be very tricky, and you want to make sure as the bride, you cover all questions before committing. You want to make sure that in the end, you made the right decision, and everything runs smoothly. The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting a site.
As you and your fiance begin to consider certain sites, keep the following questions in mind, and don't waste your time looking at places that won't work for you both. The venue, food, and alcohol is a major investment, and will most likely be the most costly expense for your wedding, so you should be happy with what you choose.
If you have your ceremony in a church:
  • ask if photography is allowed
  • ask if decoration (flowers, etc) is allowed
  • is there a deposit required? or donation to the church?
  • ask for a list of "rules" that have to be followed on the day of
  • is marriage counseling required through the church?
Venue questions/things to consider:
  • How much does the venue cost to rent? No more than 50% of your budget should go to the venue.
  • What is included in the venue package? (Food, alcohol, tables, chairs, linens, staff, etc.)
  • Does the decor of the venue suit your wedding style? If not, consider the extra expenses that it will take to get the look you are going for.
  • Is the room large enough to hold your guest?
  • Is there a dance floor? Can it hold a large amount of guest?
  • Is there room for a band/DJ?
  • Is there adequate parking for your guest?
  • Is their adequate air conditioning/heating?
  • Are there adequate restrooms?
  • Can the site be used for the ceremony as well? If so, who will flip the room?
  • Will there be another wedding at the same time on the premises? Is our privacy ensured?
  • Are there rooms for my wedding party to get dressed in?   
  • What time does your wedding have to end by? If you like to party, most venues have some kind of curfew. As well as the vendors have to come back to clean up after the room is cleared out.
  • Are there any additional cost you can expect? If you are adding things like large tents, they can definately be an extra expense in the budget!
  • If you have an outdoor wedding/cocktail hour, what is the plan B if the weather gets bad?
Things to remember:
  • NEVER pay for the entire reception up front. Usually, there should be a required deposit (40-50% ). Once you have a finalized RSVP list, and head count, then you can pay the remainder of your balance before the wedding.
  • Examine ALL the details of your contract before signing, and make a copy of the list of everything required, and extra expenses.
Don't be scared to ask your site manager questions at any point of the planning process, they should be there for you at any point during the process.

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