Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wedding Shower Gift ideas

I know all of us are always looking for the next creative gift ideas to pop into our heads, especially when it comes to giving it to our favorite brides in the time of the shower. Appearance is everything, that is the first thing the bride and her guest see! So don't slack on the wrapping either, think of the next fun way to wrap your gift. This is such an exciting time for a bride, show your support and be excited with her!
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1. Something personalized with their new itinials is always fun! Even if its the towels they registered for! Jazz it up, get their initials on them.
Pinned ImagePinned ImageWe got these as a wedding shower gift. So cute!
2. Be creative and make something or put something cute together! It's always great to show off your hardwork, and that you took the time to put it together. Kitchen and bar items are always a great go to that the bride and groom have registered for, they can be easily packaged real well.
Easy Wedding GiftWedding shower gift
3. Something His and Hers
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4. Do something personal, that will mean something to them. Order something that will remind them of the time they met! Even something like a map cutout of the state they met in, framed is such a personal touch.
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5. Give something they can always use, or use for the future, and have something to look forward to! Wine for the Wedding is something really cool, that comes in a box that they can open on their anniversary.
Pinned ImageGreat wedding shower gift!

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