Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Have you insured your engagement ring?

Putting a policy on your engagement ring may sound unromantic, but nothing's sweeter than peace of mind, IF something were to happen to either of your rings! It's a small expense to pay, just in case something happens, you can never predict the future. Even something like the diamond falling out!  The knot featured a section on how to go about insuring your wedding rings, and it is definately a good read for newly engaged couples!
 For more information on The Knot:  Engagement Ring Insurance 101
 If you aren't interested in going through your own insurance company, or adding on a "renters" insurance to do so, there is a great online company that does strictly jewelry insurance! You can get an quick quote online for all the jewelry you plan to insure, and instantly sign up, AS LONG AS you can attach a scanned copy of your appraisal.

Click here for more information on: Perfect Circle Insurance

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