Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bridal Emergency Kit

Despite everything going to plan on your wedding day, sometimes there might be small potential problem that may arise, and as much as we love our brides, we want to help you be as prepared as possible. If you have hired as day of wedding coordinator, they SHOULD already have their own bridal emergency kit prepared, and bring it with them.
Organization is key for the day of wedding to run smoothly, it is best if you prep everything in containers before your wedding, and have your bags packed and ready to go. The last thing you want to be doing is running around like a crazy person on the day of looking for things.  
Here are a couple of organization tips:
1. Have all personal things used for decoration set up all in one container box with a lid, ready to go. If you want it set up a specific way, set it up at home, take a picture, and tape it to the outside of the box. That way, on the day of you won't have people bothering you with silly questions!
2. Put together an emergency kit! You can get everything at the dollar store, so you aren't spending a fortune. You will be shocked how much stuff you actually use of it!
 bobby pins
 safety pins
nail polish remover
cotton balls
SEWING KIT (this one is HUGE! I have literally sewed girls into a dress twenty minutes before their wedding)
black socks (for groomsman)
shout spray
lint roller
fashion tape
small scissors
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3. Have your groom, and groomsman organized as well! We all know that men don't always listen when we tell them a game plan, and what they need. So my advice, type out a list and a detailed iternary for where to be when on the actual wedding day. Sometimes not being able to see eachother, it can make it challenging. Even sending out an email to the entire bridal party reminding them what to wear, bring, etc. will help!

4. Before the day of, make sure you have discussed final payments that will be due on the day of for any vendors, and have them ready to hand out, or assign a head person that can be in charge of it. You don't want to writing a check in the middle of dancing and having a good time with your friends! Have everything written out, in envelopes, ready to go!  
We hope this helps makes your feel a little better, and ease your mind for your wedding day!

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