Monday, April 29, 2013

How to handle a wedding diaster

Sometimes brides will have a "problem" that they are faced with on the day of their wedding, we are here to help you be prepared to handle any problems that come your way.

Example 1: If your officiant does not show up
This can be a huge factor on the day of the wedding if this issue were to occur. Always have a backup plan! Most wedding planners today will have their officiant license, which is always an important question to ask them before you hire them. They can always be the one to step in at the last minute if this becomes a problem, which is another reason why it is important to hire a wedding planner. Know someone in the wedding/invited to the wedding that is a licensed officiant.

Example 2: If the exit car does not arrive
If for some reason there was a communication error between someone, and your transportation company, have a backup plan. Put someone in charge of making sure someone is watching out for the exit car, and knows exactly what to do in any situation. Make sure that person in charge has the transportation companies contact information. Have a families car ready for the exit if your transportation has not arrived AT LEAST 30 minutes before the end of the wedding.

Example 3: You run out of ice or alcohol
Depending on how much time you have left of the reception, this can be a crucial thing for keeping guest there sometimes. If you have a caterer, make sure when booking them you ask what they will do in that situation, or if they have extra stored just in case. If you don't have a caterer who supplies the alcohol, or you are having a smaller wedding, have a backup plan ready. Have money set aside for one person to leave to purchase more if needed. Specs liquor stores can help you figure out exactly how much you might need, and will always let you return what you didn't use.

Example 4: Divorced parents don't get along
This can sometimes be a sticky situation, put can be easily handled with a wedding planner, or things are put to plan ahead of time. Have them seated on opposite sides of the row, or if they REALLY don't get along, you can even place one on the brides side, and one parent on the grooms. Also, you can put one in front of the other row, but sometimes that can cause a controversy having to be one row back. But hopefully they will be appropriate, and stay positive with no drama to make your day perfect in every way.

Example 5: A bridesmaid bouquet is missing and the florist already left
Florist can be very busy on the day of the weddings delivery to weddings all around. Make sure to call them as soon as someone realizes one is missing, and see if they can quickly make on to bring. This is why it is important someone is there to check all of your flowers in to make sure nothing is missing. If worse comes to worse, carefully take apart a couple of larger bouquets, and use a couple of their flowers to make an additional one.

Example 6: If a child is throwing a tantrum during the ceremony
If you plan on having a flower girl or ring bearer, make sure to practice with them before hand. If they are in a bad mood waking up that morning, I would take them out completely so you won't be upset or surprised by any crying/screaming. If there is a child that is not a part of your ceremony throwing a tantrum, your wedding planner/parent can politely ask them to go outside. It always helps to have the child’s mother stand discreetly at the end of the aisle, preferably with candy, and tell him or her all he has to do is walk straight to her.

Example 7: Your wedding dress zipper breaks
Have a sewing kit in your emergency kit for the day of! Find people, even guest who know how to sew, and literally sew her into the dress.

Example 8: A guest is too drunk and making a scene
If they are really bothering people around them, or you and your groom, have someone remove them casually. You don't want a scene, so ask their friend to take them home politely.

Example 9: If it rains
If you are having an outdoor ceremony/reception then you need to have a back-up plan ahead of time to avoid any dilemma's. If your reception site does not have any covered area, go ahead and reserve large tents ahead of time, just in case.

Example 10: The best man forgot the ring
The best way to do this is have the groom hold on to the rings until right before the ceremony. But if they are accidentally left, use one of your parents rings, and no one will ever know the difference.

Example 11: Your DJ doesn't show up
This is why it is important to always confirm with vendors a week before hand. If for some reason he does not show up, plug someones ipod/computer into some speakers, and let the dancing begin. No one will care, don't make a big deal about it, have fun!

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