Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to budget for your Honeymoon

1. Set up a honeymoon registry. Many non-traditional couples today have moved in together before they have gotten married. They have set-up their "house" and have most everything they need once they combined their things. Once couples go from living independently they might have the challenge of merging two households into one. The challenge is deciding what to do with two sets of everything, especially for their kitchen. In this situation the usefulness of a traditional wedding registry is limited. As an alternative or a supplement to a traditional wedding registry, many couples are using a honeymoon registry. Guests can contribute money or activities towards the honeymoon activities that will help save on the couples cost.

2. Check out a bed in breakfast/All Inclusive resort. Once you arrive all of your meals, and non motorized sports will be included. You can order as much food as you want, at any time of the day. You have everything catered to you, and don't have to worry about opening your wallet once you arrive. If you use a travel agent, she can set up a package with flights, and free transportation to and from the hotel . If you are staying in the states, go with a bed in breakfast, for a quiet atmosphere, that is cheaper than a regular hotel. Breakfast will be included, and most can offer a "special suite" for honeymooners.

3. Look at condos and villas. If both or one of you likes to cook, a condo or villa can be a great way to save on your honeymoon. With a fully equipped kitchen, you’ll be able to prepare many of your own meals. You can go to the local grocery store, and get everything you need for the week. You can then enjoy each other without anyone around. You will save a ton of money staying in, not eating out every night, which will leave money to splurge on a couple meals. 

4. Shop for deals online. There are all sorts of great places to get deals online. Conduct an Internet search for food or lodging discounts in the city you will be honeymooning. For example, websites like, groupon, etc. can provide you with dining discounts, and can provide lodging discounts. Most websites now offer flight+hotel+car rental deals, don't wait. You might pay more before hand, but you will save more when you arrive in the end.

8. Plan well ahead of time. Booking air travel and lodging 6 to 9 months before your honeymoon will save you money. Flights will go up the longer you wait, the earlier you book, the more you save. 

9. Pick your priorities. If you know you won't be spending much time in the room, and you are the type of couple who prefers more activities throughout the week, spend less on the hotel. If you are a couple who loves to eat at expensive restaurants, but doesn't like activities, cut the cost that way. Pick what is most important to you, and budget for each thing.

10. Travel during an off season. Pick a time of year when people aren't traveling as much, and cost for things will go down. Even by flying on a different day of the week can lower the cost on flights.

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