Monday, March 18, 2013

Black Wedding Dress

Would you wear a black wedding dress?
Wearing a black wedding dress has been a topic that will raise some controversy within families. Many people, especially in the older generations feel that traditional white is not something that you should change. However, this is a new generation, and women have a mind of their own, which we are starting to see more of what they wish. By wearing these black wedding dresses you are stating that you don’t mind being daring and bold. A black dress is definately a risky chance a bride will take, but it can be absolutely stunning if done correctly! Black creates a slimming effect and what girl would not want to look better on their wedding day.
 If celebrities can do it... why can't we? Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black dress in 1997.
 Also,  Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo wore a little black dress and boots during her small intimate New York wedding, which caused a controversy.
We would love to hear how you feel about wearing a black dress on your wedding day!

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