Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buying off the Sample Rack

What girl doesn't love a good sale?
 Especially for those brides who have waited until the last minute! Why not buy your gown off the rack, instead of worrying about it for 4-5 months?! Then with the help of our in house seamstress, you can make the dress your own. All of our sample off the rack dresses are from our store,and have been marked down significantly. We are a one stop shop.... so now that you saved on the dress, you will have the extra money to spend on accesories you want, like: belts, undergarments, veils, shoes and jewelry!
If you have a tight budget, it is the perfect stop and shop on dime! Every now and then we have those brides who aren't aware of the sample rack.
When purchasing a wedding gown off of the sample rack from Houston Bridal Gallery, there are a couple of things that you will need to know:
- Payment in full is required. Since we are not ordering you a brand new dress, and since the dress has been marked down so much, we ask for payment in full.
- We will store your dress here until your wedding: We will treat your dress like any other dress. We will carefully enclose your gown in a plastic garment bag with your name and wedding date, and store it safely in our back room with the others. The last thing we want is you driving all over town with it in your car, at the risk of getting damaged.
- Alterations: THIS IS A SEPARATE COST. You are still welcome to use our in house seamstress, especially since we will have your dress stored here already. We will have everything in one spot for each alterations appointment. Our seamstress has over 20 years experience, and comes highly qualified. She is truely amazing at what she does!
- You purchase the dress as is: since our sample dresses have been tried on a lot, there might be minor damages to the dress. However, the price has been marked down substantially, and our seamstress can fix anything. We would not let any dress walk out of this store that we weren't proud of. We will treat it like any other dress and make it look like brand new. It is always easier to take a dress in rather than let it out.
- Cleaning: A pressing is not included, all of our sample rack gowns have already been pressed in the store, therefore we do not include a free pressing like our new dresses. However, we offer a dry cleaning service with wedding gown preservation for $175 (Allow 6 weeks), and if you want your dress pressed it is $60.
- You can always check your dress out, and bring it back: we know that our brides want to take bridal portraits, but don't want to risk their fiance seeing it at home. So anytime you want check your dress out for bridal portraits, and bring it back to store here, we will do! (That is usually when we recommend doing the spot cleaning and pressing)
- Make the dress your own. It is easy to do in alterations, just tell her what your vission is, and she can always add simple additions such as straps, lace sleeves, or even key whole backs will create a whole new look, and make the dress as individual as the bride wearing it.
- We recommend having an appointment: Our consultants have the knowledge about each dress, and can help you find exactly what you are looking for. We know what looks good on, and we understand the factors that go into purchasing an off the floor gown, so we want to make sure we pair the correct dress with the correct bride. Also, we want the dress to stay in the best condition as possible, which will assist the bride putting it on.
- Bridesmaids Dress discount: If you have 4 or more bridesmaids, we will offer you a discount on each of their dresses. We know it is a hectic time for you, why not have all of the dresses for the wedding stored in the same place for pick up?

Below is the same Pronovias dress
that our seamstress completely transforms to make a one of a kind. Our bride wasn't a fan of the feathers, and wanted a sweetheart neckline. So we made that happen for her.

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