Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer Wedding Dos and Don'ts

Here are some important things to remember when you are planning a summer wedding. Depending on where you live, the heat can really affect a lot of things on the day of. Make sure you save room in your budget for specific things for outdoor weddings.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, DO provide heat relief! Even though you might love the sun, it does not mean everyone attending does. Be curtious and provide misters/large fans for your guest, and available spots to sit in the shade. If they are sitting in the sun for the ceremony, and you don't have shade provided, at least have fans available. Set up an area with water and other non alcoholic beverages around for grabs, or have your catering staff pass them out. Check with your venue to see if it has air conditoning, and if it doesn't spring for large fan rentals!

DO provide lighter foods options, in place of heavy. The last thing people want to be doing is sweating in the heat, sitting in the sun eating heavy food. Have a seasonal light menu, with frozen, cold beverages and food.

If you know you will be outdoors the entire night, DO make sure you think about yourself, the groom, and the wedding parties attire. Pick a wedding dress, suits, and bridesmaids dresses that are thin, light weight, and breathe. No one wants sweat stains, or being sticky and makeup dripping, especially after dancing the night away.

DO make sure and provide sunscreen, and bug protection. The last thing you want is your guest complaining about a sunburn, or bug bites. Just provide small baskets in the bathrooms for your guest with everything they might need to freshen up! You don't want your guest being miserable at any point of the day/night. Make sure your makeup artist provides makeup with SPF in it for your wedding party. Less is more on the makeup that day for sure!

DON'T time your wedding ceremony at the hottest temperatures of the day. Aim for an early afternoon, late evening wedding, when the sun is not beaming. Also, think about yourself, you don't want to be squinting during your ceremony, with your eyes watering, and mascara running.

DON'T let your cake be melting! If you know your cake will not be sitting in the air conditioned room, choose a fondant cake! A buttercream or whipped frosting WILL melt! If you really aren't a fondant person, then find a safe place for your cakes, away from the sun, or keep it in the back, and have the caterers bring it out right before you cut the cake.

DO make sure you put a dress attire on the invitation for your guest. If your wedding isn't formal, make sure they know they are allowed to wear light and breezy clothing as well.

DO stick to an up-do hairstyle. The last thing you want is your hair sticking to your sweaty back.

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