Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hottest Bridesmaid 2013 Trends

The new thing in Bridesmaid Fashion:
Each girl wearing different colors/mixmatched styles:
If this can be achieved, this is an ADORABLE look. But a bride has to be very careful when chosing this bridal party decision. This can definately save on cost for the bridal party, but is a very tricky style to achieve. If a bride has too many bridesmaids, it can be overwhelming for the bride, and the decisions made. Although, I know the bridal party likes having the choice of picking a dress they feel comfortable in.
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Color blocking:
Color blocking is all the rage on the fashion runways, so it's no wonder it has become popular for bridesmaids. It is fun and flirt, and great for the brides! By color blocking, brides need to be careful not to overdue it. Select one light color, and one dark color that compliments eachother.
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Lace has definately always been a trend with weddings gowns, but lately has become to new hip style for the bridal party as well. It is such a soft, vintage, and feminine flair!

(Encore by Waters-Camillia 2255E)

Illusion Neckline:
This trend is hot with both wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. It can be thought of as having two necklines with one look. The sheer neckline usually covers a sweet heart neckline, which adds intrigue and allows modesty. It is such a fantasic choice for bridesmaids gowns, because it looks great on everyone, even the girls with a larger bust.
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