Monday, January 28, 2013

Budgeting for your wedding

Wedding cost today can add up so quickly, this list we hope can give you some great ideas on how to cut the cost of your wedding if you are on a tight budget.

1. Cut down the guest list, remember you are paying per head for food,alcohol, tables and chairs sometimes. Plus, you have the cost of invitations, RSVPs , and stamps!
2. Have your wedding on an off season, or on a friday or sunday. The price to rent the venue will sometimes be cut in half or more!
3. Pick a venue that speaks for itself, then you won't have the extra cost of flowers, and decorations.
4. Hire a wedding coordinator, although you will have that as an extra expense, you will have someone taking care of every detail on the day of, and she can help you stay within your budget
5. Make a priority list, and stick to it. If you write down things most important to you, and stick to that, it will help you from adding extra cost of limos, and higher end items.
6. Get crafty, and do things yourself. Take the extra time, and shop around antique stores, and cheap online wholesale websites for decorations. Even gifts for wedding guest, make them yourself, and give one gift per couple. You can make the signs yourself, and if you are REALLY crafty, make your own invitations!
7. Double duty: use your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces for your tables. Your wedding coordinator will be happy to help you achieve this!
8. Shop sample sells for wedding gowns, or find bridal stores that is a one stop shop, they will be more willing to offer discounts, and free things. (Houston Bridal Gallery offers: storage of your dress until your wedding day, also, we have an in house seamstress)
9. Ask for help and see if any of your friends know good photographers, bands, caterers, etc. Friend referrals are always great for the company, and for yourself.
10. Have bigger tables at your reception. You will be able to seat more at one table, while spending less on rentals for tables/chairs/linens/centerpieces.
11. Offer beer,wine, and a signature drink, instead of an open bar.
12. Buy flowers that are in season, they will be a lot cheaper. Speak with your florist about staying within your budget, and possibly making your bridesmaids bouquets smaller, or adding more greenery to look fuller.

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