Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome Bags

Did you put together welcome bags for your wedding? If so, we would love to hear what you put in them! If you are looking for ideas, we are here to help!
Providing your guest with welcome bags at the hotel is such a great way to thank them for traveling all that way for your wedding. Yes it can be an extra cost, but you also need to think of how much your guest are spending to travel to your wedding. You don't have to break the bank, the possibilities are endless, and we will help you!
The bag: this can be the most expensive part of the gift process, but sets the overall look of the gift. You want this to be something they will use more than once, so don't put your names on it, or anything wedding related, unless its something they can throw away. Buy items that relate to the theme of your wedding, example: a beach wedding beach bag!

 Ideas on where to purchase: somewhere that will give you a deal for the more you purchase, a wholesale website (sometimes they will monogram it as well), a cheaper retail store; like Old Navy, or dollar store. Even if the bag is smaller, or is a paper bag that is ok! If the bag is too large for the amount of items you put inside, add some fun colored tissue paper, ribbon, or even stamp the bag with something.  A little bit goes a long way, any gift will make someone feel special!
Whats inside: the gifts that you pick to put inside are endless! You can always pick it to your theme as well! You can buy a majority of these items in bulk from somewhere like sams, or even stop at the dollar store. Even wait until to get to the city where your wedding is, and find some stuff there that people would like.
* If you are having your wedding in a city known for something, add it to the bag, even if it's food bagged up. (Make sure the food is bagged nicely)
* If you are having a beach wedding, pick items they might need on the beach.
* Mini liquor bottles
* Snacks
* Sunscreen
* Chapstick
* Get personalized koozies made! You can buy 200 for $100! It's a great gift! (http://www.totallypromotional.com/)
* Water
* Tylenol/Advil
* Gum
* Large cups (personalized if you want to spend the money) great for an all inclusive beach wedding
* a map of the town/hotel
* a weekend Itinery (this is HUGE, and keeps people on time and not wondering where to go)
* Welcome guide (you can ask the hotel for a large amount of welcome guides of things to do in the city who aren't from there)
* beach towel (could get pricey)
* Candy
* Flip Flops
* Sunglasses
* Postcards
Leave a Thank You note! This is something you can put together for cheap! You can find any stationer at any marshalls, target, dollar store, craft store etc. Write/Print a Thank You note to each guest for making it!
Pack them up AHEAD of time! Don't wait until the last minute to put the bags together, you want them to look nice and that you took your time on them. Sit down with your families one day, and make an essembly line! You can knock it out in 30-45 minutes. If you are flying to your wedding, ship it ahead of time to your resort/hotel, and they will store it for you.
A majority of hotels will charge you PER BAG they have to deliver to each room. So if you want to save on cost, hand them out as they come in, or see if your hotel will store them behind the desk and hand them out as they check in.
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